Get to know Dr. Gordon Christensen, Practical Clinical Courses Founder and CEO during Benco Dental's Driving Dentistry Forward podcast

The name Christensen is synonymous with dentistry. You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the profession who is unfamiliar with the expertise Dr. Gordon J. Christensen imparts through his non-profit, educational research institute, Clinicians Report® Foundation.

Today, his discussion on Benco’s Driving Dentistry Forward Podcast with host Rick Cohen will allow you to get to know Dr. Christensen on a personal level, as well as confirm the numerous reasons why he’s been named one of Dentistry’s Most Influential People.

Let’s go back to the beginning: From Boy Scout to U.S. Army Captain

A childhood in northern Utah instilled Gordon’s love for the “physiological aspects of humanity”, and two hardworking parents urged he and his brother on the path to higher education. An admired Ecclesiastical Leader introduced him to the dental profession, and before long, Dr. Christensen was a dentist on active duty in the U.S. Army, using his skills to ready thousands of troops for service in Vietnam.

A fascination with the human mind — and a glimpse of an Army Colonel using hypnosis with a patient in an oral surgery clinic — inspired him to earn a doctorate in psychology.

What happened next? After viewing this videocast, you’ll know…

* why a “meet cute” for Drs. Gordon and Rella Christensen wasn’t necessarily a “meet neat,”
* how to offer a compliment when your friend’s new outfit is fashionably questionable, and
* which two products every single dentist should use at their practice.

Will the “Gordon Walk” transport you between airport gates in seconds?
Are you using this post-COVID environment to get back to the roots of dentistry?
Listen to today’s podcast and find out.

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