ADA Toolkit services listed for members

Obtaining N95 masks, filtration systems, and gowns in a post-COVID world is difficult; easing the minds of anxious patients adds a layer of concern equally vital to the current must-do list.

With COVID-19 cases spiking, patients are rightfully concerned about leaving the safety of their own home – even for a necessary trip to the dentist. Those who do not understand the drastic changes the dental industry has undergone over the last months are among the most worried about the return to care.

Fortunately, the American Dental Association (ADA) has dental practices covered with a plethora of resources to ease patients into the new normal, and most can be found at their COVID-19 Center for Dentists resource page, which you can view by clicking here.

One of their best new resources, free for members: the ADA Toolkit.

How can the ADA Toolkit help you customize the patient experience at your practice?

The ADA Toolkit, free for members, provides dental patients with all the information they need to know and understand prior to returning to their dentist. The brochure walks patients through exactly what to expect upon arrival and continues the support all the way through departure.

Customizable templates specific to your practice contain:

  • Facebook posts,
  • office signs,
  • a FAQ sheet,
  • text reminders, and more.

    All of these resources are designed help patients feel at ease while in the dental chair.

For more information and to download the ADA Toolkit, click here.

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