A Japanese filmmaker, Hideaki Ito, is creating a documentary about radiation exposure in the United States. The focus of the film is the Baby Tooth Survey, a 1959 scientific study in St. Louis that determined the harmfulness of above-ground nuclear testing for humans. The study used baby teeth as bone samples to detect radiation and found that American children were being exposed to radioactive materials.

The Riverfront Times and Dr. Bicuspid detailed Ito’s early interest in nuclear fallout growing up in Japan near Hiroshima. Ito continued to be interested in the subject throughout his professional and personal life. His interest was renewed during the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdown. With the lack of scientific research regarding the effects of nuclear fallout in Japan, Ito turned to American research.

Ito aims to get in touch with people who participated in the Baby Tooth study to talk to for his documentary. He claims that the purpose of the documentary is to make people aware of the chemicals that they have unknowingly been exposed to. To read more about the film and Ito’s interest in this subject, visit the Riverfront Times and Dr. Bicuspid’s page.