The Edison Awards are still a few months DOWN THE ROAD, but we thought we’d give you an advance look at some of the coolest nominated products ahead of time. Nice of us, no?

Livio AI Hearing AidsLivio AI Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Technologies

A FitBit for the hard of hearing: Starkey’s newest ear aid tracks body and brain health through a network of artificially intelligent sensors. It’ll translate languages—mirabile dictu!—and can detect if you’ve fallen, then call for assistance.

Airless System for Bicycles Airless System for Bicycles


Never worry about flats again: The Airless System comprises a lightweight, durable multi-layer foam-like insert that takes the place of an inner tube in your bike tires. Find yourself behind a thumbtack truck with a loose rear door? Pedal on and over, concern-free.

AirThinx IAQ


IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality, an internet-of-things doodad that can quickly detect airborne impurities in rooms of all sizes, identify them and provide a welter of information about how to get rid of them. Your home, of all places, should be pollutant-free; IAQ can help tidy it up.

Eargo Neo

Eargo Hearing

A fly-fishing trip inspired Eargo founder Dr. Florent Michel, a longtime ENT surgeon, to develop an immaculately tiny hearing aid, similar to a fishing fly, that would sit undetectable within the ear. It’s suspended there via patented “Flexi Fibers,” medical-grade silicone that’s soft for comfort yet still highly durable.

GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit

GLO Science

Say goodbye to ungainly whitening strips. GLO Lit is the next iteration of the GLO Science whitening system that won an Edison Award a few years back. It uses heat and light energy amid a universal mouthpiece for faster results that won’t be a bother to sensitive teeth.

LifeStraw Home Glass Water Filter Pitcher


Wanting to make access to potable water far easier for people everywhere, LifeStraw initially built a device to filter H2O polluted with the Guinea worm parasite. Now the Home, as its name implies, is designed for indoor use by anyone who wishes to perform additional filtration on what comes out of the tap.

Monash University FODMAP Diet App

Monash University FODMAP Diet

Researchers at Monash, a university in Australia, discovered that FODMAPs—a form of carbohydrates that the small intestine can’t absorb well—were the cause of irritable-bowel syndrome in about three-fourths of IBS sufferers. So they built this diet app to help those with sensitive stomachs limit their exposure to foods likely to exacerbate their problems.

Moverio AssistMoverio Assist

Epson America

These I-see-what-you-see “smart glasses” enable repair technicians to beam an exact image of what they’re viewing back to remote experts, who can offer advice and send high-quality photos, videos and PDFs to the technician, leaving both of his or her hands free to work. The images can be made transparent, too, whenever additional visibility is needed.

Owlet BandOwlet Band

Owlet Baby Care

Prenatal wellness? Yeah, there’s an app (and a gadget) for that: The Owlet Band offers expectant mothers key health metrics of their unborn baby without ever having to leave home. It’ll record and play the baby’s heartbeat, track the mother’s sleep and sleep positioning, and send medical news, trends and updates to her phone.

Puppy CubePuppy Cube

Puppy Robot

Make movie night at home the equal of the multiplex with this “ultra-short-throw” projector (meaning it doesn’t need a huge room to operate well) that turns any flat surface into a touch-control movie screen. The picture is HD, naturally; the screen can expand to as big as 100 inches if you’ve got the space.