Fix potential issues before they become a problem, plus eliminate multiple service visits with the compressor that continually monitors itself. *

Compressor trouble is the worst kind, because it can disable an entire office. Even with comprehensive preventive maintenance, compressors are subject to maintenance and wear just like every mechanical device. That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in: DentalEZ’s new Aeras compressor is a connected device that allows complete monitoring of critical parts and systems, as well as remote control of its operation.*

Prevent downtime by alerting to possible issues: When sensors actively monitoring key performance parameters notice unusual activity, the compressor alerts you so you can contact Benco Dental for service assistance or, in some cases, resolve the issue over the phone.*

Eliminate multiple service calls: Because the Aeras provides data to the cloud that is accessible from any web browser, your Benco Dental service tech will know what the problem is without a diagnostic visit. When it comes time for service or repair, your tech will arrive with exactly the parts needed in one visit.*

Operate the unit automatically and remotely: You can turn the compressor to on and standby, disable and enable motor heads, and enable/disable the schedule for turning on and off.*

Monitor your unit’s performance: Whether you use the web interface to access data on your PC or mobile device, or refer to the LCD display on the unit itself, you can check all sensor data including tank pressure, dew point, ambient temperature and runtime for equipment and motor heads.*

Multiple service visits are a thing of the past. Aeras actively monitors performance and provides data to the cloud that is accessible from any web browser, so your Benco Dental service tech will know the nature of any problem without a diagnostic visit.

Customize your dashboard: View all of your DentalEZ connected devices from your web browser and select exactly what you want to see so users can focus on the data that is most relevant to them. You can also easily access all maintenance reminders and records, alert history and historical performance data.*

Connect to your Aeras compressor through the web browser of your PC or mobile device and access data, service information, and even control key functions and programming, remotely.

Enjoy extended warranty coverage: When you enable Smart monitoring at the time of installation, DentalEZ will extend their industry-leading warranty by two full additional years, for a total of eight years of coverage. That’s substantial added peace of mind, from a name that’s legendary for dependability.

“The Aeras Compressor from Ramvac is as easy to install and situate as the established Osprey line of compressors, but with so much more capability.
Benco Dental has been connecting customers’ devices since introducing BencoNET in the 2000s, and more recently, our OneVisit® open CAD/CAM solutions. That technology experience, plus our long relationship with DentalEZ and 90 years of installing mechanical equipment, makes Benco the best source for modernizing your mechanical room—and making downtime practically a thing of the past.”

Nicole Gilligan, Senior Marketing Product Manager.

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*With subscription to monitoring service.


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