How Benco’s Build Your Brand and Interior Design teams help transform doctors’ initial ideas into eye-popping dental-practice reality.

NO DREAM IS ever fully achieved solo; even the most independent-minded among us must rely on others to make wishes into tangible reality. For Dr. Archana Dhawan, that meant entrusting the gut renovation that would become Oakland Orthodontics to Senior Interior Designer Amanda Griffith and Multimedia Designer Allison Simenkiewicz of Benco Dental’s Build Your Brand and Interior Design teams.

“The collaboration is what makes this program unique, powerful and comprehensive,” Simenkiewicz says. The process starts with mood boards, catered specifically to Dr. Dhawan’s desired aesthetic. That step generates a few initial colors and overall themes; the branding team then steps in to create a logo and brand that both aligns with the dentist’s vision and pairs well with the developing interior design.

“Dr. Dhawan knew from the start that she wanted the office to feel sophisticated, with color adding a layer of whimsy and fun,” Griffith says. “Using different colors for the dental chairs helped contribute to the overall feel. As the palette came together, Dr. Dhawan gravitated toward the berry color for her main logo. That helped drive additional material selections and became the heart of the design.”

That logo, incorporating the circles Dr. Dhawan favors, informed the spirit of the rest of the practice’s look, down to the smallest details. That entailed casting aside certain time-honored, but occasionally tired, design concepts. “There are certain symbols or icons people associate with dental and orthodontic practices—teeth, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a smile with braces—so a lot of practices incorporate these into their logo,” Simenkiewicz says. “Dr. Dhawan envisioned something totally custom that offered a lot of versatility.” In the office itself, varied ceiling heights gave Griffith room to experiment with a variety of eye-catching fixtures.

“Build Your Brand and Interior Design help tell a story of each individual office and create a well-rounded office design,” Griffith says.
(Dr. Dhawan notes that she enjoyed regular brainstorming sessions with the duo even if, inevitably, they took place over Zoom and
not in person.)

In the end, the dream has been achieved, employing the contributions of the entire group. “Teamwork!” the doctor exults. “That’s what it took to pull this miracle off. We had the best design, construction and equipment-supply team, and they worked smart and efficiently to complete the project on time.” —K.C.

The Design Team

Photography: Roger Hart
Logo Design: Allison Simenkiewicz, Benco Dental Multimedia Designer, Build Your Brand Team
Interior Design: Amanda Griffith, Benco Dental Senior Interior Designer, Build Your Brand Team
Contractor: Saad Kalabat, K4 Medical and Dental Construction
Architect: Bob Cliff
Dental Designer: Amanda Griffith, Benco Dental
Equipment Specialist: John Browning, Benco Dental
Friendly Benco Rep: Threasa Liddell