KAMINSKY DENTAL ASSOCIATES, located in a high-rise in central Philadelphia, exemplifies the fact that a beautiful renovation need not require massive disruption. “The space worked great before and was still ideal for us,” says Dr. Rande Kaminsky, who had been in the space 14 years prior to remodeling. “Small changes in flow have made a good product even better.”

Given that the doctor and his staff were mostly comfortable with the existing office, the areas of focus for the redo were new finishes, new technology and “warm color choices that were timeless and not just trendy” throughout. The new look begins in the reception area, where modern art and furniture now complement the rich honey hues of the front desk. Wall sconces provide additional interest along the hallway, while the copper-textured walls add a bit of dimension.

Yet although the changes were relatively mod- est, they were informed by a clear aesthetic sense. “My vision was driven by what I felt would be more ideal for the way we practice — designing the cabinetry for what we like rather than what’s more standard, for example,” says Dr. Kaminsky, a Philadelphia native and 1985 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Other areas of focus were sterilization and delivery systems. Given that he continued to see patients on a limited basis during the redesign, Dr. Kaminsky was eager to get it done it quickly. In all, it took just a year from start to finish and was completed last April.

A top priority was keeping the space in order and meticulously organized, and while many changes were subtle, they were crucial, Dr. Kaminsky says. “Instruments needed for various procedures are organized into compact systems, and along with ample storage space throughout the office, that allows all countertops to be clutter-free. All renovations, too, have been designed with the new OSHA requirements in mind.”

Dr. Kaminsky, who has been in private practice since 1986, shares cosmetic and general- dentistry responsibilities with Dr. Lauren Wolf; Dr. Rick Titlebaum is the practice’s endodontist and Dr. Uri Hangorsky its periodontist. For that foursome, as well as patients and the rest of the staff, the new surroundings and up-to-date equipment are ever-present conversation pieces. “The project was expensive and tiring,” says Dr. Kaminsky, sounding like any contractor-weary home- owner. “But it was all worth it.”

Dr. Rande Kaminsky’s Renovation Tips

  1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN — yet recognize that problems will inevitably arise even under the best circumstances.
  2. USE THE ABSOLUTE BEST CONTRACTORS AND EQUIPMENT that you can possibly afford.
  3. THEN ASK QUESTIONS OF YOUR CONTRACTOR if you’re not sure about something. You’ll surely regret not having inquired otherwise.
  4. AS IN DENTISTRY, SO IN RENOVATIONS: Shortcuts do not work.