Dr. Joseph G. Landry II of Seville, Ohio spends his days caring for patients’ oral health at his practice, Landry Family Dentistry, but dentistry is only one of his many passions.
The Ohio State University grad’s longtime love of the outdoors stemmed from growing up fishing, hiking, and playing sports like soccer and Tae Kwon Do.

“I feel at peace and closer to God when enjoying His natural creation.”

14 states, seven moose, five bear, and one rattlesnake

Dr. Landry hiked 2,400 miles to complete the Appalachian Trail and Long Trail in 2003 as a solo thru-hiker.

“I enjoyed the solitude of nature and read extensively, including the New Testament and War and Peace.
He recalls his experience, “My memorable journey included 14 states, seven moose, five bear, and one rattlesnake. While collecting drinking water I shared a small natural spring with a Copperhead, as well as beaver, wild turkey and many other wildlife creatures. Many mice were running across my sleeping bag in the three-walled shelters along the trail, and a variety of snakes were peeking under my tarp.”

“One night was spent hanging in a hammock in an area of New Jersey that had been recently plagued with black bears, I heard multiple bears breathing and snapping twigs near me during a pitch black evening. I woke in the morning to see their paw prints in the mud all around my campsite. Another time I was brushing my teeth in the woods of Vermont and turned around to see a full-grown bull moose within eight feet of me, silently watching my brushing technique!”

He explains that in terms of elevation changes, climbing the Appalachian Trail is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 14 times.
“I did ultra-light hiking with a winter gear base weight of only 9 pounds, including pack and non-edible gear.”
Dr. Landry even cut his toothbrush in half to conserve ounces. “If you focus on conserving ounces, then the pounds will take care of themselves.”

Dental hiker tip: Dr. Landry said he adds two drops of bleach per liter of water, and three drops for water from questionable sources that he describes as “crunchy” water.


Common ground

A 2017 Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honoree, Dr. Landry has another treasured award in his backpack. In 1997, he earned his Eagle Scout rank, an honor earned by only four percent of Boy Scouts, and a testament to the hard work and dedication that Dr. Landry brings to his practice each day. One of his dental patients, John Dilling, who turned 90 on March 5, earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1943.

“Many patients have a personal connection with the Eagle Scout Award, whether as fellow Eagle Scouts or through a member of their family who has achieved the rank. They know the code of ethics and personal attributes of an Eagle Scout and there is a level of trust and mutual respect because of those qualities,” said Dr. Landry.

His dental practice has been awarded Ohio’s highest environmental honor, the “Gold and Green Tier” award through the Ohio Good DEED Program and it is no surprise, especially when hearing Dr. Landry describe one of his favorite ways to spend his free time:

“Amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy and fulfilling life, I find enjoyment in quiet solitude and connection to nature, from sharing the stream environment with steelhead and the rhythmic cast of fly fishing.”
Professional photographer friend, Doug Blunt Photographic, has filmed a YouTube video with Dr. Landry: The Steelheading Experience.

His favorite place to fly fish: the streams and rivers that feed Lake Erie, known as “Steelhead Alley.”
“The art of tying flies adds another level of enjoyment, and I enjoy creating artistic representations of aquatic life that attract fish to strike. I often wear dental loupes and light when tying intricate patterns. One of the patterns I created is named Natalie’s Fly, and was designed when my wife and I were expecting our daughter,” he says.

Time Well Spent

Dr. Landry shares his top priorities in life:
“My personal relationship with God and family, dental team and patients. Continuing to broaden my dental knowledge through continuing education.”
Where you can find him outside the office?
“When I do carve out time to recharge my batteries and return to nature, I can be found wading through a stream armed with two fly rods, plenty of hand-tied flies, and a smile.”

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