Does your team’s workday need a detox?

According to a recent article in Inc., engaging workspaces and small yet meaningful modifications can make a significant difference to your team. They can:

  • Affect well-being
  • Create connections and collaboration
  • Promote independent thinking

Adam Heitzman Co-founder, HigherVisibility, shares in Inc.:

“While collaboration and inclusivity is important, there still needs to be quiet areas available for independent thinking and private meetings. Some employees might not do well with constant interruptions. If you offer a variety of spaces for your employees to choose from, they can have a tailor-maid environment to match their needs. 

When creating or repurposing quiet spaces, they can also serve as a relaxation area. Small breaks to decompress can boost productivity and prevent employees from burning out.”

Q: What does this mean for your dental practice?

Meridian Storage in Lounge Area, Herman Miller 

A: When your people succeed, so does your business.

People are the most critical asset to every organization. If dental practices should be designed to support their needs and activities, then Herman Miller brings humanity back to the workplace to help your people, and your practice, succeed.

Everybody’s different

By recognizing that individuals and organizations have their own unique purpose, character, and activities, Herman Miller transforms the workplace into a powerful instrument that expresses an organization’s unique culture and progresses its unique ambitions.

A space that addresses the needs of the people who work there will always be more effective than a state-of-­the-art office that ignores the needs of its occupants.

Looking for ideas?

Herman Miller offers beautiful and innovative designs for space, including personal storage options.

  • Ample Space: Meridian storage towers provide locations for housing personal items, as well as the digital and analog tools shared by groups. Storage Towers consolidate storage away from the workspace, allowing more room for people to work, interact, and move freely about the space. Options for wardrobes, storage units, and drawers—as well as mobility and power—add to the design’s utility.
  • Room to rejuvenate: With so many options, it’s possible to repurpose your storage pieces to create a comfortable staff lounge area where your team can take a breath and relax.
  • Beauty for any budget: Durable and attractive, storage options in laminate or metal carry a 12-year warranty.

Identify a few design inspirations here:

Then contact Mandy Welman, CenterPoint Interior Designer at 1.800.GOBENCO to learn more.

Meridian Lateral Files with Color Banding, Herman Miller

Feeling Blue: Try a Little Green.

Plants are a very simple yet significant addition to a work space. Heitzman suggests investing in plants for the office as whole or inviting employees to bring in their own plants.

“Plants provide greenery that is not only appealing to the eye, but naturally calming. On top of this, they can make you healthier. A Norwegian Study monitored the effects of indoor plants over several years in offices and found that they can significantly lower issues such as headaches, scratchy throats, or skin irritations.”

An Added OHSA Bonus 

While you’re adding character and comfort at your practice, storage options can address compliance.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Sanitation Standard, if employees must wear special or protective clothing, employers are required to provide lockers and adequate space to change.