If dentistry had an official color, it would probably be white: the lab coat, the pristine sterilization area and, of course, the gleaming set of choppers on every patient who walks out the door.

For its 8th annual celebration of 40 of the finest young clinicians age 40 and under, though, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine went with something a little… moodier.

“Blue  – from the brilliant azure to deep indigo to elegant denim that’s as suitable for a night on the town as a weekend around the house — is having a moment.”

– As described in the Incisal Edge fall edition’s feature article by Joshua Cole, Elizabeth Dilts and Jerilyn Forsythe

The fall edition of the magazine is the culmination of  months of  nominating, juried panels, gala events, and a professional photo shoot in New York City.

Renowned style director Joseph DeAcetis and photographer Sasha Maslov collaborated with the Incisal Edge team to create the centerpiece of the issue.

Style Director Joseph DeAcetis with the founder of Jack of Spades. “Jack of Spades, a small denim company, offers luxury denim for men.”

During the event, DeAcetis discussed the inspiration he used to guide the style of the shoot: Denim.

“It’s not the same denim that we knew in the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s. Denim has taken rebirth over and over again. So, we’re celebrating it.”

DeAcetis offered an informal history of denim, from France to India to America.

“Over the years, denim has changed. Americans own denim right? We own it, we love it. Levi Strauss gave birth to the rise of denim. But the fabric itself goes back a very long way.”

“I feel it comes from France, but there are a lot of people who take credit. Denim is a weave, not a fabric. You have denim that started in America by Levi Strauss. He started making canvas jeans during the Gold Rush,  got wind of this new fabric denim, from France, aligned with a person in Colorado who put the rivets on and Viola!”

“In the 50s denim really takes a stronghold, and in then in the 60s and 70s is so significant. It’s been such a big part of American culture and the culture of the world. Why? The fabric is so strong.

Now you’ve seen denim graduate to all these different levels and that’s why we’ve promoted it during the shoot as the thread – the theme – of the fashion.

We have  luxury denim, modern denim with new fits and cuts, women’s denim skirts, denim jackets, we have denim with stretch in it,” says DeAcetis.

Denim is as individualized as its wearer, and in the case of America’s best young dentists it’s as strong and iconic.

What don’t you know about the 2018 Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 – America’s Best Young Dentists?

Find out in the fall edition of the dental lifestyle magazine: https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/e94fe52a#/e94fe52a/32

There, Incisal Edge has styled them, tricked them out in all the latest (mostly sky-hued) fashions and let their natural magnetism take over:

“Because while great dentistry necessarily encompasses a good amount of bright, beautiful white, the 40 resplendent talents on the two dozen pages ahead make it clear that when the workday is over and the practice shuttered for the evening, there’s nothing wrong with feeling just a little bit blue.”