Dr. Matthew Wimmer on how best to pick up additional technological savvy for the benefit of your practice.

I WAS A teaching assistant in dental school and am currently a clinical trainer for Convergent Dental’s all-tissue laser. I’ve always been fascinated by technology and gadgets. Legos and my Erector Set were my favorite toys growing up. That turned into building and flying RC kit-assembly airplanes in high school.

Among other neat technologies, I’ve embraced lasers, milling systems, 3D printers, CBCT and facial scanning. There’s a wealth of digital-dentistry information out there. Find a mentor and ask questions—I run a local CAD/CAM digital-dentistry study club here in Colorado, for example, and there are many online dental groups and continuing-education offerings to help you learn these things. And I’m always happy to answer questions, teach or simply point people in the right direction, too.

Dr. Matthew Wimmer runs an eponymous practice in Centennial, Colorado, and has both researched and taught technological skills to dental professionals. He’s a member of this year’s Incisal Edge 40 Under 40.