Across the United States and at dental offices large and small, Benco and Herman Miller are empowering offices to do more for their people — and benefit more from the results.

After countless discussions with customers who have already embraced the human-centered approach to designing a dental office, the results are clear: Benco and Herman Miller help people feel more creative, connected and engaged in their workplace. In turn, dental office sees greater efficiency, productivity and innovation.

In those discussions, dental offices place priority on a few areas, highlighted below.

Living Office Settings
Nelson Pedestal Tables, Saiba Lounge Chair/ Herman Miller

Attracting and retaining talent

People define the problems, imagine the ideas and create the solutions that deliver value to a dental practice. That’s why a modern workplace that can help draw, and keep, top talent is essential.

Shown, at top, Monarch™ lobby seating and Steps sofa from Nemschoff and Herman Miller.

Shown above, an informal consult room invites dental patients to settle in and relax with the help of a sleek, contoured high-back Saiba Lounge Chair—impeccably tailored in a curated textile offering and set atop a black or polished aluminum base.
A Nelson Pedestal Table serves as a functional accent piece.

Flo Monitor Arm, Healthcare Administrative Area
Ethospace Workstations. Ollin Monitor Arms, LS Series Keyboard Trays, Sayl Office Chairs / Herman Miller

Stimulating Innovation

In a world where the most successful offices are the ones that generate better ideas faster, dental offices should aim to create workplaces primed for creativity. The touchdown station for charting, shown above, incorporates Ethospace workstations, designed by Bill Stumpf and Jack Kelley for Herman Miller, which offer durable design that outlasts trends and a flexible foundation for thoughtful change.

The Ollin Monitor Arm provides easy support for many devices, scaled to today’s technology. The arm has a wide range of motion, allowing associates to position screens wherever makes you most comfortable, encouraging a healthier posture whether you’re sitting or standing.

Good design, healthy support, and exceptional value are always attractive—and Sayl Chairs delivers all three. Designed by Yves Béhar for Herman Miller, the chairs use smart engineering to transform simple materials, and make Sayl attainable for more people.


Plex Workshop
Plex Lounge Seating / Herman Miller.

Promoting Knowledge Sharing

With more than 40 percent of the dental workplace due to retire in the next five years, offices often want to create workplaces where knowledge happen more seamlessly.  Herman Miller Plex lounge seating, shown above, creates an atmosphere of comfort in an informal consult room.

Tone Personal Light
Renew High Adjustable Table and mobile pedestal / Herman Miller

Increasing Efficiency

Optimizing processes helps people work more effectively. When we combine varied workplace elements methodically to support the work our people engage in and the tools they use, it helps drive down unnecessary costs.

A doctor’s touchdown space or business manager’s office can benefit from a Renew high adjustable table and mobile pedestal, shown above.

BrandingWiteboard image

Strengthening Brand Connection

Your dental office’s brand has power, it lies in its recognition and trustworthiness. A workplace that is designed to express your unique purpose and character can strength both.

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