Whether providing outstanding adhesion to dentin or creating an all-in-one dentin substitute, Septodont is delivering innovation. Two unique products stand out in the recent offerings: a root canal sealer, BioRoot™ RCS Mineral-based RC Sealer, and an all-in-one dentin substitute, Biodentine.

BioRoot RCS from Septodont. Bioactive mineral root canal sealer.
BioRoot RCS from Septodont, bioactive mineral root canal sealer.

Got a tooth in trouble? This outstanding adhesive seals the solution.

BioRoot™ RCS Mineral-based RC Sealer, created from pure calcium silicate, is monomer-free, which ensures zero shrinkage.

How does it present a tight seal with single cone obturation? Outstanding adhesion to dentin and gutta-percha points. BioRoot continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture.

A convenient hand-mix presentation offers a few additional benefits:
•• Full control of the final viscosity
•• Reduced risk of cross contamination compared to in-mouth inserted syringes
•• Less material waste through hand dosage of powder.

See case results at: https://www.septodontusa.com/products/bioroot-rcs
Order BioRoot RCS at: https://shop.benco.com/Product/4854-320/bioroot-rcs-kit

One material, seven uses.

Biodentine, an all-in-one dentin substitute can be used for a base/liner, direct and indirect pulp capping, pulpotomies (under stainless steel crowns), root perforations and apical surgeries.

Made from the highest purity mineral, it offers versatility and excellent sealing properties. It acts quickly (sets in 10-12 minutes) so that full restorations can be completed in one office visit.

It does not stain, offers excellent radiopacity, and eliminates surface preparation and the bonding required due to the micro-mechanical anchorage. 

How does it save teeth? Biodentine features a higher compressive strength than dentin, it preserves pulp, and promotes pulp healing, which in most cases eliminates root canal therapy. 

Read the clinical results: https://www.septodontusa.com/products/biodentine

Order Biodentine: https://shop.benco.com/Product/4322-798/biodentine-bioactive-dentin-substitute-box-of-15?SearchId=3bb78eb3-6ff9-4b6e-aff4-687b03709150