Winter 2018 – Survivors

Houston’s dentists were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Now they’re picking up, drying out—and getting back to business PLUS: Disaster Survival Tips THE ABSOLUTE FINEST: Winter Travel Rye Whiskies Stylish Cars

Beauty and the Beast

Back in the 1890s, craftsmanship in dental manufacturing meant chairs that were built to last. By Larry Cohen A FEW MONTHS AGO, I spied at an auction something I’d never seen before: a dental chair with legs. Made of cast iron, and with a pump base, it weighs several hundred pounds — but it’s quite elegant all the same, with plush maroon upholstery and hand-painted filigree. It represents perhaps the best $5,000 I’ve ever spent. […]

Survivor Stories

For the Benco Dental family, Hurricane Harvey was personal. YOU CAN TELL a lot about people by how they react when they lose everything. What they value and what they fear. Who they were, who they are and who they will become. When Hurricane Harvey battered Houston and environs in August, several Benco Dental associates were forced to escape the rising waters. Director of Practice Coaching Kay Huff, who lives in the east Texas town […]

Cool Tool – Getting Nosy

A spritzy, needle-free anesthetic alternative will bring peace and comfort (and maybe some sneezes) to your practice. PERHAPS NOT EVERY dental patient faints at the sight of a needle. But surely even the toughest chair denizens, if given an alternative to the sharp prick of a Novocain injection in the gums, would decide to take it. That, in the form of a gentle mist up the old schnoz, is exactly what Kovanaze promises. “Why inject […]

Humanitarians – Unstoppable Force

For Dr. Kelly Halle Brown, helping the less fortunate isn’t just a side gig. it’s a way of life — and it always has been. ALTHOUGH DR. KELLY HALLE BROWN’S Smile On initiative, which provides dentures to underserved patients in the exurbs of Philadelphia, celebrates its first anniversary this month, the 40-year-old dentist has been dedicated to giving back to others nearly as long as she has been alive. Born and raised in central New […]

Lab Report – Copy Talk

The latest exciting, illuminating research from the frontiers of dentistry — straight from the source. I’M A PORTUGUESE DENTIST and recent graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry advanced education program in prosthodontics. I’m also a volunteer researcher at the NYU Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics. Recently, our team published a scientific paper in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry describing a digital workflow and fabrication process of a dental ceramic restoration […]

My Hobby – Chairmen of the Board

Who knew dentists were so . . . studly? (WELL, OK, dentists probably did.) Gaze in awe at these two 40 Under 40 alumni who attack the outdoors with ferocity. And perhaps a forceps. Dr. Casey Culberson Fueled by nothing but the wind and pure joy — talk about renewable resources! — Dr. Casey Culberson and his brightly hued kiteboard find travel magazine–worthy adventure in a host of exotic locations. “If you put your passion […]

Survey – Dr. Scary Will See You Now

Why are fictional dentists always so alarming? WELCOME TO “JUST ASKING,” in which Incisal Edge puts forth a handful of questions — some serious, some less so — to dentists nationwide. Want to participate? E-mail and we’ll be happy to add you to the respondent list. ON A FEAR-O-METER that goes from 1 (the Care Bears) to 5 (Pennywise, the eeeevil clown in Stephen King’s It) to 10 (Game of Thrones’ suffocatingly terrifying blue-eyed […]

The Lucy Hobbs Project -They Took Manhattam

New York City. Two remarkable women. One boffo Lucy Hobbs Project event. THE HALLMARK OF the Lucy Hobbs Project is its annual gathering, simultaneously the world’s largest celebration and get-together of women in dentistry — but Lucy is very much a year-round initiative. With that in mind, the most recent Lucy Hobbs Project Meetup was a special one indeed: Tuesday, November 28, in New York, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Loft, a tony club […]

Cutting Edge – Trouble in Paradise

Do you have a fully outfitted “dental go-bag” that can help your practice (and your staff) immediately when disaster strikes? By Howard Strassler, DMD THE NEWS THIS past summer and early autumn was dominated by Mother Nature, which is seldom a good thing. The epic triple punch landed by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (see “Wake of the Flood” elsewhere in this issue) exacted a colossal toll on the people of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico […]

Dental Schools – Solo No More?

If younger dentists increasingly favor the group corporate-practice model, what should schools nationwide do about it? By Joshua Coe MANY AMERICANS’ Norman Rockwell sensibility about their family dentist — that of a small-town solo practitioner who treats multiple generations and encounters his patients at the grocery store during the week and in church on Sunday — is becoming as much a thing of the past as, well, Norman Rockwell’s work itself. In “The Erosion of […]

Family Matters – Hamilton: A Smash Hit

One father-and-son (and spouses-and-children-and-grandchildren) team have served their Pennsylvania community for decades — while being forever mindful of how much good practice design augments good dentistry. By Kristie Ceruti FORTY-ONE YEARS AGO, fresh out of the Temple University School of Dentistry, Dr. David Hamilton and his wife, Marlene, brought their signature brand of dental care — treating all patients as though they’re a close-knit member of the clan — to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Four decades, two […]

Money Matters – A Thief in the Family

Three in five dentists will be embezzled by a staff member at some point in their career. Here’s why it happens so often — and what you can do to improve your odds. By William J. Aquilino, Kay Huff and David Harris WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED the emotional rollercoaster of having a friend betray our trust. It can take time to recover mentally, but with a solid support system, we typically end up getting back on […]

The Expert Witness – House Rules

Buying a new place in which to speand your non-dental hours? Avoid these three common errors to ensure you keep the home fires burning. By B. Casey Crafton and Stephen Kaufman HOME IS WHERE the heart is — and, for an unfortunate number of purchasers, it’s where the headaches are, too. Inexperienced homebuyers often fall prey to a trio of mistakes in particular. Here are the top troubles to avoid when you’re looking to cross […]

2018 Incisal Edge Design Competition

By Kristie Ceruti HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY! For half a decade now, Incisal Edge has been paying tribute to the finest examples nationwide of a trend that has been in evidence for a long time: the fact that the drab, depressing, crammed-in, purely functional dental practices of yore are increasingly a thing of . . . well, yore. It’s hard to say when exactly this transformation really got legs, but it’s unquestionably true that more dentists’ […]

Wake of the Flood

The devastation wrought in Houston by Hurricane Harvey affected every corner of America’s fourth-largest city. Its dental community was certainly not spared nature’s wrath — but thanks to tireless work and boundless generosity, Houston’s dentists are at last emerging from the waters, defiant and determined to rebuild. By Mellanie Perez EARLY ON THE MORNING of Monday, August 28, Dr. Lori Logan, a family and cosmetic dentist in the Houston suburb of Cypress, Texas, got a […]