Fall 2017 – The art of the Smile!

Dentistry’s Special Tax Break

Purchasing new equipment to improve the overall performance of your practice: good. Uncle Sam picking up a third of the tab: even better. WHEN IT COMES TO TAXES, one thing is beyond dispute: Everyone, regardless of political beliefs or economic status, hates writing that annual check to the Internal Revenue Service. Isn’t it nice to know, then, that dentists get their own tax break? Well, sort of. Section 179, named for the relevant portion of […]


THIRD-GENERATION DENTIST DR. NIKKI JONES BAILEY ON THE VIRTUE OF MISSION TRIPS AND DOWNTIME — AND WHY JUST ENOUGH TECHNOLOGY IS USUALLY JUST RIGHT. MY CAREER IN DENTISTRY started in 2001. It’s in my blood; I’m a third-generation dentist. My grandfather, Dr. Lee Clarence Jones — Howard University School of Dentistry, class of 1924 — and my father, Dr. Clinton M. Jones — Howard Dental, class of 1959 — set the path. After six years […]


AUTHOR AND CONSULTANT RACHEL MELE’S NEW BOOK HELPS DENTISTS MANAGE THEIR SOCIAL-MEDIA CHANNELS, ONE 24-HOUR CHUNK AT A TIME. “I GREW UP in dentistry,” says Rachel Mele. “My mom ran a lab out of our home. I like to say I grew up eating alginate off the floor.” That’s certainly one way to develop a taste for the profession. Mele’s mother — Lynne Fales, developer of FoxFales inventory-management software and a prominent consultant to orthodontists […]

Forty Years and Counting

HOWARD STRASSLER, DMD Notes on the astonishing advances witnessed during a career blessed by innovation, invention and vastly improved patient care. AS EVERYONE ON this year’s Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 could tell you, four decades is a long time. (They’ll all get there someday.) I’m passing a similar milestone myself in 2017, as it happens: 40 years in dental academia — as a teacher, researcher, industry adviser and consultant, presenting education programs and writing […]

Benefits at Every Step

Utilizing Dentsply Sirona’s Single-Unit Crown Total Practice Solution™ The two most common procedures in my clinical practice are direct posterior resins and single-unit crowns. Despite the high frequency that my team and I complete these restorations, I am always looking for increased efficiency, not only through time savings, but also in procedure reliability. Pointedly, it is not enough for a new technique or material to allow me to work more quickly, it also must simplify […]

As Seen on TV

ALEXANDER WÜNSCHE, CDT Zirconia gets a bad rap, thanks to latenight infomercials and QVC exposure. But it might be the most important restoration material in the years ahead. DENTISTRY MOVES QUICKLY. New materials mean new knowledge, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll surely be left holding the bag. If you want to pick the industry’s most exciting development over the last decade, you’re spoiled for choice, but for me the selection is easy: our […]

Where There’s a Will . . .

. . . there’s peace of mind. Anyone under 40 might not like to think about it, but organizing one’s personal affairs is always a good idea. B. CASEY CRAFTON & STEPHEN KAUFMAN IT MIGHT SEEM INCONGRUOUS to discuss mortality in an issue dedicated to youthful excellence. (It might also seem crass. We prefer “incongruous.”) In fact, though, even the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40, now in the full flower of life (see page 36), […]

40 Under 40 – The 7th Annual

BY JERILYN FORSYTHE AND JOSHUA COE DENTISTS, FIRST AND FOREMOST, are health-care providers. That’s job one. But in a sense, they’re also beauticians. Aestheticians. Artists, even. Giving people a new smile — a feature that brings with it renewed poise and self-confidence — is simultaneously an act of healing and a bestowal of glamour. Not a bad day’s work, all told. For the seventh year running, Incisal Edge has canvassed the country to showcase some […]


High Honors “IF YOUTH ONLY KNEW; if age only could.” That classic French proverb, which captures perfectly the seeming futility of so much human endeavor, gets turned on its tête by the 10 all-star educators on these two pages, who despite their relative youth possess both the considerable knowledge and the pedagogical means to transmit it. The practice — indeed, the very institution — of dentistry will thrive, after all, only if its accumulated wisdom […]